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Georgia rest stops have the best A/C

Sorry for the Lag... I couldn't mooch a computer to blog with
Posted August 16 2012 08:10 PM by JohnGilbert 
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John Gilbert

The first day through Georgia was great! I was hoping to blog every night at the end of the day's journey but it would have meant possibly fighting a plus-sized woman for the motel computer, or a little flim-flam at Fry's trying to get an extended demo on one of their computers. Did I mention Georgia has the nicest, coldest, most comfortable rest stops in the whole world?

 I rolled over Lion's Bridge off of Anastasia Island into historic St. Augustine around 6AM. It rained like crazy all weekend, but my friend Marla parked her new car out in the driveway, so I could give the Chadly Coupe a quick going-over. The 9-inch Ford, and the Muncie 4-speed were both low on gear oil. Valvoline was the least expensive gear oil at the new Advance Auto Parts that had just opened on the island the week before. The best price on sparkplugs was Autolite, so I tossed the AC 44XLS plugs that were missing plug gaskets, and... this kind of sounds like deja vu. Let's move on to the drive. From Jacksonville, I entered the extreme end of Interstate 10, or as we call it in SoCal the San Bernardino freeway. After breakfast at an Awful House I made my way onto Interstate 75 that runs from top to bottom right up the middle of Georgia. I have to admit my pre-concieved notions of Georgia were right from 1969's Easy Rider, but boy was I wrong. The people in Georgia were real nice, and the one's that didn't think it was Satan driving the Chadly Coupe complemented the car. What really amazed me was how ice-cold the A/C was in the bathrooms, and they had a big flat screen TV with a log cabin style couch that I could take a nap on. I'll get back on here tomorrow night, and finish off Georgia, and then show some flicks from my visit with Corky Coker, and the guys at Honest Charley's Speed Shop, and Coker Tire. Ed will post some photos to go with this a little later.

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