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Aaoogah, I'm headed to Chattanooga

Chrome will get you home if it's a pair of old Hemi valve covers
Posted August 6 2012 03:39 AM by JohnGilbert 
Filed under: Driving 'Em

Chadly Coupe

Brain Brennan once quoted a guy I don't remember the name of that the difference between a hot-rod and a street rod is: Hot-rods have a speedometer that doesn't work, and tools in the trunk. A street-rod's gauges work, and there's detailing supplies in the trunk... This thing is a hot-rod. I just drank a big cup of coffee that left my teeth Candy Root Beer Brown , and now I'm headed to Georgia just as soon as I get the garage door opend and fire the old girl up. I threw in a new of plugs last night.

First off thanks to Chadly and Jim W. for the encouargement I really appreciate it. The 331 was running kinda of crummy, but I had convinced myself that's normal. I learned the hard way after throwing an old pickup together for Americuise that it really doesn't hurt to at least check the plugs. Sure enough the plugs were missing gaskets, and oil was wicking down the threads. I threw in a set of Autolite 65's and she runs a lot better. I've got a Walker radiator, Power Gen, a real nice gear-drive starter, and a whole bunch of high-tech goodies that sepearate this car from the ususal stuff that looks it on the outside. This ain't a rat rod, it's a hot rod.

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