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Dyno's Civis-101 Chapter 5, Where We Are

"Dyno" Don B. on the California Air Resource Board
Posted September 30 2010 03:41 PM by ekimball 
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 The California Air Resource Board thinks our vehicles are a loophole in the law and want to "plug" it through their smog program. The Attorney General's office wants to get at us for registration violations and charge us for back fees, fine's & interest or put our vehicles in the crusher. Remaining silent, dumb & happy is not going to work anymore.

 The CARB now has the power to set its own regulations under AB-32 the Global Climate Bill and they get to keep all the fees, fine's and any other monies they acquire too. That is why they are aggressively chasing business and jobs out of California at the highest rate in the state's history. CARB is not hurting for money like the General Fund is. This is also why California's unemployment rate is much higher than the national rate. This will keep the states revenues declining, the fiscal budget problems continuing and the recession going on and on. As you can see the problems are affecting our hobby are the same ones that are affecting our state.

Nevada advertises on TV to get California business to come to Nevada. I went to a car show in Orange County and parked next to a guy sitting by himself. As I was alone also, I set up my chair so we could talk. He told me this would be his last car show in California. I asked him "why was that"? He told me he was in the Bent Tube Plating business and was moving to Nevada. I asked him what he meant by bent tubing? He replied; aircraft and mechanical parts and other items like outdoor furniture. He said he ran a very clean operation and was very surprised when the state came in, inspected  and gave a list of violations. The cost to comply was in the six digits but he wanted his business to be in compliance so he did the fix's. The next year they came in and gave him another list. He then met with his C.P.A. and business advisers and they came to the conclusion he would be out of business in five years. He contacted Nevada and they found him a new facility, paid for half of the move and gave him some tax breaks. Here's the best part; 200 of his 250 employee's went with him; 200 more houses on the market.

Assemblyman Dan Logue sponsored a bill to repeal AB-32; it never made it through the Environmental Committee. I'll bet you didn't know there was an Environmental Committee. He then set about a referendum and we now have Proposition 23 on the ballot. Bravo Mr. Assemblyman. VOTE FOR PROP 23

I believe the AG's office has backed off somewhat. They do not have the resources to prosecute each and every case. Most automotive cases are low dollar and not worth their time. They pass these on to the local DA's and the local DA's have bigger fish to fry also. Big buck motor homes may have some problems though.

The inflationary effect of this nonsense is also going to be disastrous to our wallets. The Air Board is attacking the trucking industry with all kinds of new regulations that are increasing their expenses dramatically. I have a good friend in the Trucking business and another in the semi-trailer repair business. They have told me the cost to do what CARB is making them do is big bucks. These costs will be passed on and added to the price of every product that is moved to market by a truck. The business's that are moving out of the state will ship their products back to California and the price for the same product will be higher. The business's that stay here will have to increase their prices to cover the expenses they incur to their customers too. Keep in mind, Real Estate values will continue to be in trouble if business and jobs keep leaving California.

I think you can see how all this is going down and will continue if we don't get some favorable legislation to protect our hobby. If you use our AB-1740 as an example we have a shot at it in the Assembly but the Senate will kill our bills. Asm. Jeffries has told me the Senate is controlled by non-hobbyists. If we can vote out a few non-hobbyists in the Assembly and get a few more Republicans in the Senate for some balance, I think we just might have a good shot at it.

-"Dyno" Don B.

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