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AB-859 Requires Annual Smog Check Inspections for Vehicles 15 Years and Older
Posted October 19 2010 04:05 PM by ekimball 
Filed under: Car Initiative

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 Brian Brennan, Editor of Street Rodder pointed out AB-859 as number one in the "10 Worst Bills of the 09-10 Legislation Session" on page 65 of the December issue. This bill was sponsored by Green Idiot, Asm. Dave Jones, who is now running for Insurance Commissioner. (Don't vote for this pinhead) It has passed the Assembly Transportation Committee and is now in the Appropriations Committee. Here are the individuals who voted for it: Blumenfield, Buchanan, Furutani, Bonnie Lowenthal, John A. Perez, Solorio, Torlakson

 The Official Summary:

This bill requires vehicles 15 years and older to undergo annual smog check inspections, and changes the amounts of financial assistant available for vehicle repair and the eligibility for that assistance. Specifically, this bill:

1) Requires vehicles 15 years and older, with certain exceptions, to undergo annual smog check inspections, instead of the existing biennial inspection schedule.

2) Directs any additional revenue resulting from more frequent inspection to be deposited in the High Polluter Repair or Removal Account (HPRR Account).

3)Increases from $450 to $750 the maximum possible payment to an eligible owner of a high polluter vehicle.

4) Restricts eligibility for financial assistance for vehicle repair to "low-income motor vehicle owners."

5) Increases the maximum income for purposes of defining a "low-income vehicle owner" from 200% of the federal poverty level to 300% of that level.

6) Requires BAR, in cooperation with ARB, to perform biennial analyses, instead of "periodic" analysis as currently required, of the statistical and emissions profiles of vehicles subject to smog check.

As you can see, this is more Green Legislation. This could void the current "older than '76" exemption and put collector vehicles into CARB's new smog program. (AB-2289). Estimates run as high as 50% of our cars on the block out of state just for starters. As time went by, CARB would sharpen their pencil to put any remaining vehicles "out to pasture" too. Can you imagine a Model T or a Dusenburg with smog equipment? We would also be paying for the crusher to eliminate our parts cars.

This is just one reason why this election is so important. The California legislature has got to be given a wakeup call to stop this. California is a state, not a National Park and should be run like one. Opression of our hobby, anti-business and jobs, and regulating every facet our lives has got to stop.


Save our cars VOTE - YES on Prop 23

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